It happens to all of us that there comes a time in our lives when we want to meet someone or several people, everyone is looking for casual dates on a daily basis. It is more common than you can imagine and there are millions of people willing to engage in conversation and dating.

The most effective method that people use today are casual dating and dating sites. Maybe it's because of their convenience, you can choose from several candidates from your own couch and meet as many girls or guys as you want. You can find people near you or on the other side of the world and you can look for a quick casual encounter, a friendship or a stable relationship.

Still don't know what a casual date is? Let us clarify, this type of meeting is to meet new people and date. Without any commitment or anything related. You may like that individual as a partner, as a friend or simply that you know him/her and it is the only time you see him/her. It is to meet to see what comes up between you and continue to meet or not. You decide where to take him or her after you have met for the first time.

In this article we tell you all about it. We give you tips and guide you through the process so that you have pleasant encounters and they go super well. We will also tell you the best casual dating websites, so that you don't waste your time in places with few real people registered or that are not good for making new friends or relationships.

We know because it is the best way to flirt nowadays, there are a lot of these sites, moreover new sites come out every day. We help you choose the best and most reliable sites to find new people and expand your contacts to the maximum. For someone who is new to all this, it can be overwhelming the amount of sites that offer their services, however, most of them almost never work properly.

How do casual dating sites work?

This is a question that is very often asked by the portals themselves. In their answer they will try to offer you their services only, so we try to tell you in a more partial way. Almost all of these portals work in a similar way.

You have to create a profile, provide some basic data such as your name, age and sexual preference. And also data about what you are looking for, men or women, what age or what might be your common interests. Also in many you can optionally put what you are looking for in the sense of one night stands, serious relationship, friendship or casual sex.

In the latter, there are free hookup portals. They are usually very common for people who are not looking for commitment or anything like that and just want casual sex with someone they find attractive, and without complications or strings attached. On these specific portals people usually post very hot pictures and the specific things they are looking for in their next sex partner.

In all kinds of portals you can find dates with women, and depending on what you are looking for it is advisable to register to one or another portal. As we told you a tip is to fill out your profile on any of these sites, but in an honest way. This way you won't waste your time with people who don't suit you, or talking to strangers who won't get anywhere.

Where to find casual sex?

Well if this is your greatest desire we recommend dating sites for hookup specifically. They are the best method to get everything you want and in a fast and free way. You just have to register in one of these sites that is well known or with a good reputation. And you will have thousands of options of people who are looking for exactly the same as you.

Hookup websites are very popular all over the world because of the effectiveness they have among all their users. All registrants have the same purpose so it is easier to get a fun night out. You should also know that there are users who want someone to be with when they feel like it, something like a friend with benefits. What is certain is that almost all registrants are looking for fun and daring nights out.

These casual dating sites usually give you several options, the photo you are going to put have to be daring and you can also put some description of what you want to do with your next sexual partner. In addition, they do not usually have age restrictions, but obviously the most active users are young people between 19 and 30 years old. No exception is made for those over 30, there are many registered and looking for adventures in their life.

You can date women to get to know them physically and emotionally before you have anything with them, no one is obligated to date and have sex. You can get to know the guy and see if you are attracted to be in bed before you actually are. It's everyone's decision and as we tell you from the beginning you are not committing yourself to anything. Besides, we know that there are people who don't look at all like the profile pictures they post, right? Don't worry you can find someone you are really attracted to in person and start having fun together.

Best Hookup Sites in USA

The best casual dating websites are few and far between. We are not saying that the others are useless, because the truth is that you never know. But based on user reviews, ratings and effectiveness we recommend some of the following ones

  • BeNaughty

As we said, it is not mandatory to be in one of these sites, but in these you have many other subscribers, so your chances of having a sexually pleasurable encounter increase much more.

On casual dating sites it is necessary to be a real stud. It is true that women are willing to want to sleep with someone and there is nothing wrong with that, but that does not mean that you do not have to conquer them and like them. The same with registered men, you have to be a confident woman and determined to what she wants. This is the only way to succeed in any dating medium. Each hookup website has its own thing, in some you will only be able to "like" the people you are attracted to and in others you will be able to initiate the conversation. Find out which one will work best for someone like you and what you are looking for to create an account on them.

Advantages and disadvantages of casual dating

Like everything in life, these encounters have a good and a bad side. We tell you all about it below.

Although many of these sites are paid, don't panic, there is a free registration version in almost all the sites options. If you don't want to, you don't have to pay anything for the services offered by the sites and the registration is completely free. But as in most of the hookup sites there is a paid version that offers you many more advantages when it comes to flirting. In this section we explain the differences between the free and paid versions of most of the sites. However, one disadvantage is that you cannot have casual dates without registering whether it is free or not.

As you can see for yourself, the paid versions are more recommended to be more comfortable and above all to meet all the people registered in a fast and fun way. Although the free versions are also very good, you will be able to evaluate according to the comparison which plan you would like to have. A big disadvantage in this section is that in many sites you can not start a chat conversation if you do not have the paid version, which is annoying when looking for someone to meet.

Casual dating sites offer medium to good security. One of the requirements on some of these sites is to be able to verify identity via email. This allows you to know with more security that the person registered is real and not a robot to have more users.

Also when you are already inside some of these sites you can see which accounts are verified and which accounts are not to make sure that the girl or guy you are going to meet is real. In addition, there are quite a few good reviews from those who have used these sites to get a hookup, casual sex or are looking for it. Anyway, the advantage of these sites is that they have the same security and verification standards as any other dating site you can find and are even safer than others.

Free and premium hookup sites

We show you the biggest and most important differences between the paid version and the free version of most of the free and premium casual dating sites. As we explained there are free and fully functional hookup sites. But that doesn't mean that the paid versions are bad, some are even much better.

Free on most sites:

  • You can view all profiles nearby.
  • You can send emoticons and so on to people you are interested in.
  • Free registration
  • Create your profile for free
  • View extra photos and some data about the other person
  • Chat limited or unlimited (depends on the site)
  • Add profile picture(s)
  • View all registered users

Paid or Premium version:

  • Chat unlimitedly with other users
  • Send emoticons and reactions
  • Send photos
  • Better search filters included
  • See all people near and far from you (depends on site)
  • Send unlimited messages (site dependent)
  • Post multiple profile pictures
  • Expand your account to make it more attractive
  • Advanced searches on some sites

As you can see, dating and free sex is possible through the internet and any device that can connect. We repeat telling you that the best way to have dates about sexuality is through the network and as we have just shown you you choose to invest money or not in it.

Apps for casual dating

For now for many of these sites there is no possibility to have an exclusive application for these sites in which you can enter directly to your mobile. The creators constantly promise that soon we will be able to enjoy apps for casual dating and promise that they will have versions for IOS and Android without any inconvenience.

However, there are already in the store specific apps for casual dating and they work very well too, if your thing is to flirt by mobile you have already heard about Tinder, for example, dating apps that we will recommend you are not far from this, but they can promise you more if you try.

The only bad thing about these options is that anyone can join and you don't know what each girl or guy is looking for specifically. One may be looking for a serious relationship and another just a one night stand so they may not hit it off and you may have a harder time finding what you are looking for or someone who is looking for the same thing as you.

The advantage of the other sites mentioned is that, even if they don't have mobile-specific casual dating apps, you can log into your account on any site from your mobile using the usual browsers. No need to install anything else. The usual browsers are fine as the sites adapt perfectly to the mobile screen. So you can continue flirting, chatting and meeting new people from anywhere.

Hopefully, mobile-specific applications will soon be available to make the customer experience more comfortable and easier for users. Anyway, on the sites and from your mobile you can continue with your regular activity, but we agree that a casual dating app would be preferable.

Casual dating chat

Now if what interests you the most, hookup chat portals and hot dates. Since these sites came out they are practically paradise, you no longer have to be aware of whether or not someone likes you at the disco, or if they want to go home with you that same night. The truth is that in these portals people go to the point and say directly what they want and are looking for from the other person. Yes, we know it is not very romantic, but it is a huge facility for everyone, we also have to admit it.

Casual dating chat rooms are all the rage these days because of the ease and speed with which you can get a fun night out with a new sex partner. Don't be embarrassed most of the dates you see out there are dating for sex only, we are human beings and that is what many are looking for. There is nothing wrong with saying straight out what you want and with whom. That's why these chat rooms allow you to meet girls and guys and look at some pictures before you start the conversation. If you don't like one, no problem, you move on to the next, because the options are practically endless.

Searching for sex through these portals is the most common, because it's easy, it's fun and it's very effective, you can talk to the most attractive girls and guys. You can search and find people not only in your city, but all over the world if you want. If you are going on a fun trip with your friends you can plan your dates through messages so you don't get bored at your destination.

The only disadvantage of these portals is the well known "catfish" which means that the person in the pictures you thought you were chatting with is not really that person. Or they simply don't look the way you imagined. It happens rarely, but it happens, well, there must be something wrong with these portals, right? It's not something to be discouraged about, most people are who they say they are on these sites.

Practical tips for casual dating

The main key to success in this is to let loose and be yourself. Yes, we know you've heard it a million times, but flirting is flirting and always will be. On one hand, it's very comfortable this method of interacting with new girls or guys. It can relax your nerves and make you feel good. But on the other hand it is also very easy to pretend to be someone you are not through a screen. Don't be surprised if you do it and after the first in-person date they don't contact you again.

The second tip is not to get your hopes up too high. You never really know what that gorgeous girl you've been talking to for a few weeks is looking for, maybe she's just on the site trying something new and ends up not liking you and closing her account. We recommend you try talking to more than one person and see who comes up with something good and close to what you are looking for.

If you are looking for something more specific like casual dating with mature women, we recommend you to be honest and get to the point. Put in your description that you want to meet mature women, for example. To avoid wasting time and to let these women know that you like them, it is preferable to say it from the beginning and even they can start talking to you.

If you are looking for dates for sexual relations it is the same, a girl who wants the same thing will talk to you instantly and you will not waste your time with some other girl who for example wants to get to know you better and have a long term relationship.

On free hookup sites we recommend you to make sure by some means such as a call or other means of chatting that the person you are chatting with is real. As it is easy and free there are people who are not who they say they are and that is a risk you don't want to take.

Now that you know all about dating sites, whether it is dating for fun, sex nights or just to see how things are going, enter the one you like the most and dare to have fun like never before. You will find everything you are looking for and more we can assure you.